"Hello. I've been using your Python web server for a high-scale web service at eBay. First I wanted to say thank you for the work you've done. I've had 100% uptime and I've been able to serve over 100 million (simple) requests per day from 2 4-core servers. They're not even feeling much load yet. I thought you might be interested to hear about it if you're continuing to work on the project.
Thanks again"

Ebay Staff Software Engineer

Since begining of 2009 I'm using Fapws3 for my different Django websites. I'm really happy to use this awsone tiny webserver. It's stable, light and very fast. Congratulation for the work done.
Now I've made a new website entirely based on Fapws3, Ssdm and Ssdm. It was amazing how fast we did it with William. You can see part of the result here: www.coyote-chapter.be. It's just the public part; you don't see all the admin pages we have made (like y├žou can have in Django). And most important it's really much faster than with Django.


For customer we have add Fapws3 within an alarm system running OpenBsd. The limited HW resources was a big constraints, but Fapws3 runs perfectly. We are using there a combinaition of wsgi and cgi with a perfect result


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