Here you will find some benchmarks that should help you to make a decision whether to use FAPWS3 or to stay with your current webserver.

Nicolas (Benchmark of python web servers) has performed a quite complete comparison between different WSGI servers. Toegether with Gevent, Fapws3 is amongst the top perfomer. This is nice because you have now the choice between libevent (used by gevent) and libev (used by Fapws3).

Methodology to use before sending me your results

Benchmarking is not a so easy task. We have to be very careful with what we are doing and what could be the conclusions.

Thus before sending me results, thanks to provide the environment in which you are running your tests. For exmaple:

If you run Fapws3 (webserver) and the client (ApacheBench, "ab" in short) on the same host; thanks to re-nice ab: "nice -n20". Wait enough time between each run to assure all "waiting" connections (displayed by netstat) will be effectively closed (+- 1 minute on my machine). Execute each tests 3 times and take one "ab" report which is representative.

Fapws3 versus gevent


Freebsd -8.0 stable
poll backend
python 2.6

Test context

For gevent:

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